05 June 2009

CBCAN Mecha Papercraft ?

Mecha Papercraft I have no clue who this is or from what show, do you? The mechamecha papercraft is not complete, only the head and body is available for now, still a nice one though. Probably MOTOR HANDS' original character?

CBCAN Mecha Papercraft

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  1. Only have one thing to say, AWESOME! Can't wait to get my started on this one once the legs and arms become available, but I might not be able to wait. Great find!

  2. Hmm...can u give me a link to download the arms and legs? This model is really cool!

  3. @ .§h1N.

    The designer hasn't released those parts yet, we'll just have to wait ^^

  4. The designer is dead?

    Wheres the arms and legs?

    So many time past away!

  5. PLS new links for download....


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