06 June 2009

Gainax Gurren Lagann Papercraft Diorama "Dai Gurren"

Gurren Lagann Papercraft Diorama You can now recreate the battle scene when Gurren LagannGurren Lagann tried to takeover Thymilph's Dai Gurren (Dai-Ganzan) mecha / walking battleship.

 Gurren Lagann Papercraft Diorama

 Gurren Lagann Papercraft Diorama

Gainax has released this official Gurren Lagann papercraft diorama that lets you recreate the famous battle scene in Episode 8 "Farewell, Comrades" of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. The exact scene for this diorama is when Simon's Lagann connects to the top part of Dai Gurren and Kamina's Gurren gets on top as well to give Simon some words of encouragement ^^

 Gurren Lagann Papercraft Diorama

 Gurren Lagann Papercraft Diorama

This Gurren Lagann papercraft diorama is sized up to match Kaiyodo's Revoltech action figures. To get the goods just follow the link below and click on the button that looks like this:

download button

Gainax Gurren Lagann Papercraft Diorama

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  1. Awesome, I haven't picked up the Gurren/Lagann Revoltech yet, but I have all the others.

    I wonder if they'll do more papercraft kits like this.

    I really need to finish the Gurren Lagann Cubee...

  2. Which ones do you have? I have a few too ^^

    Hopefully they'll do more kits like this

  3. #50 Gurren lagann, #52 Lazengann, #58 GL Fulldrillized, #60 Enki, #62 Tengen Toppa GL, #64 Enkidu.

    So all of them except the LE GL's and Enkidudu.

    Waiting on Gurren and the Toppa Arch.

    Revoltech has a lot of good deals at shows. At New York Comic Con this year they were $20 each and if you bought 2 you got one free.

  4. I found the Gurren/Lagann Revoltech today so now I'm definitely building this.

  5. Was collecting Revoltech and Figma figures but have now stopped and moved on to Nendoroids ^^


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