03 June 2009

Disney.Pixar UP Papercraft - Photos

Disney Pixar Up 01

Time for some UP papercraft photos.

Disney Pixar Up 02

Carl Fredricksen & Russell hanging out on my desk

Disney Pixar Up 03

Close-up of Carl's walking stick

Disney Pixar Up 04

Look at all those badges, Russell is a very accomplished Wildernes Exlorer

Disney Pixar Up 05

Russell's Wildernes Explorer Flag

Disney Pixar Up 06

and his Wilderness Explorer Gear

Disney Pixar Up 07

Carl and Russell from the sides

Disney Pixar Up 08

Side view of Carl's House

Disney Pixar Up 09

and the back view

Disney Pixar Up 010

Carl Fredricksen close-up

Disney Pixar Up 011

Russell close-up, sorry bout the very visible vertical lines on this, my printer is crapping out - Canon needs to send a new one ^^.

Disney Pixar Up 012

Close-up of Carl's House with Balloons.

Disney Pixar Up 013

Focus on Carl & Russell, flying house is blurry

Disney Pixar Up 014

Now we focus on Carl's House (flying:)

Disney Pixar Up 015

Up is produced by Pixar Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.

These Up papercrafts are an official release from Disney.com
Up is now showing on theatres everywhere so go see it.

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  1. While I don't like the design of Russell, I like Carl and the house very much. About your printing problem: have you tried a head alignment check? Or a nozzle check? Sometimes printing at a higher resolution helps too, if the printer only shows problems with certain images.

  2. Thanks gee, did those things already (auto print head alignment & nozzle check). It clears up after printing a few pages then lines start showing back again - might do a manual alignment to see if that works.

  3. Thank you so very, very much! I'm from Romania, and my little girl will be so happy, she loves these characters and it will be fun to made them!
    Peace and joy! Thank you!
    Teo & Ilinca


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