29 June 2009

Zelda Papercraft - Bombchu

Bombchu Papercraft And here's part of the 4th of July twofer special from Paperzelda, the explosive BombchuBombchu papercraft and a bomb to follow.

Legend of Zelda - Bombchu Papercraft

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  1. This is really cool. But what's with all the dots? In my game, it's solid blue

  2. hi there, hum i dont really know if bombchu is supposed to have white dot, pimindude as said yes but im not sure cause i dont remeber how look bombchu,if people know just leave a commnt


  3. I noticed that too, but the color can easily be fixed. And also the link is pointing to a key instead of the Bombchu ^^

  4. Paperlegend, now that I played the game (on emulator) I think it's the plug-in he used to rip. Maybe it repeats the texture (since the N64 doesn't repeat the texture, but stretches it apparently)

  5. the link is fixed now ^^
    and maybe i can ask pikmindude to fix it if its ncesseray :)

  6. sorry ive never actually got to the part where it uses bombchus in majoras mask and the emulator uses that texture. I can fix it though.

  7. I think in ocarina of time it hade dots


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