02 July 2009

MegaMan Papercraft - Powered Up Version

MegaMan Papercraft Powered Up From the IRP site, a Mega ManMega Man papercraft based on the MegaMan Powered Up video game for the Sony PSP, designed by DIL.

Head to the link below, then look at the bottom of their page, click on the left option to agree with the cc (see pic above)

Update: I've received a few emails saying that the link won't load ^^ I did experience a slow loading page, so please be patient and it will show up soon enough

MegaMan Papercraft - Powered Up Version

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  1. I can not download.
    someone help me?

  2. What seems to be the problem? can you give me more info.

  3. Yes, that's becouse the file it's big and it's a Adobe Acrobat, so...if your browser doesn't show anything please wait a few minutes, when the download complete, the file PDF will show in your browser

    Thank you Ron for make some noise :D

  4. Nice work IRP, are we going to see more characters from that game?

  5. The answer is, yes, but take some time, because the school and work take me alot of my time, right now Cutman papercraft it's ready, the same kind of artwork, but just for my donors for now, later, will be free

    The other characters, some ones will be free from the begining and others not.


  6. Thanks for letting us know, I was about to ask you about that Cutman ^^

  7. Not sure if anyone still read these posts, but can someone re upload the file? When I click the link it says file is not found, or if you can email it to me at varekai.terniatis@gmail.com that would be great

  8. it says that the page is unavailable.. can you please re upload them?? i really want these.. haha ^^ pls contact groovyshin7&@gmail.com if you have , thx

  9. @Varekai, @cindiixshin. the file still there, just some directories were moved into other directory, that's why "the page not found..."

    this is the correct link:




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