01 July 2009

Zelda Papercraft - Wind Waker Water Girl Statue

Water Girl Statue Papercraft Maybe because it's been a really long time since I've played The Wind WakerThe Wind Waker, but I don't remember seeing this statue, can anybody refresh my memory? I do remember a character called Sue-Belle that carried a pot/jar on her head ^^

This Wind Waker papercraft was designed by Icthus7, it is mentioned on his site that the original in-game model was gray (coz it was a stone statue) but he colorized the papercraft to pretty it up.

Legend of Zelda - Water Girl Statue Papercraft

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  1. thats one of the statues that the eskimo guy sells on Windafall!! I just replayed it :D

  2. Thanks anon, is he the same one that sells you a sail?

  3. oh ok, do you have to do a particular quest before you can buy her or can you just purchase it any time?

  4. yes you do, in fact you have to buy his expensive statues to unlock more. This particular one is one of the last few and its pretty expensive! xD

  5. maybe that's why I don't remember it, coz I never purchased it?

  6. oh yeah, and it's called the Fountain Idol. :)

  7. yeah maybe. it was one of hte side quests to get the magic armor or a piece of heart (?) cant remember. xD

  8. I guess "water girl" is close enough ^^


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