07 January 2008

Chibi Anime Papercraft - Kira Kira (Kirari Siino)

I've never posted any stuff from the Glue2 Chronicle? site before, but it's got a bunch of cool looking paper models so they'll get their proper intro to Paperkraft.net today. I'm not really sure how to pronounce their site name, is it Glue Two or Glue Squared or Glue Glue? The site's owner and designer is named "atom" and we'll just leave it at that.

On to the goods, the most recent update on their site features a Japanese PC game character called Kirari Siino, she's the main character of "Kira Kira". This is a chibi-style papercaft model, it comes complete with a guitar and microphone with stand. Their site is easy to navigate so you won't have problems looking for the download links and instructions.

There are two other papercrafts in particular that has gotten my attention. First, there's this weird and at the same time cool looking paper model of what looks like a half-human bird with some sort of helmet on which he simply called "helmet bird". It's very weird looking so you'll have to see the pic below to understand what I'm talking about. It's taken from a 15th century triptych painting called "The Garden of Earthly Delights" by Hieronymus Bosch, a painter from the Netherlands whose works often depicts sin and the evil of men. He like to use images of nude humans, demons and half-human animals.

The second papercraft is called the "letter bird", this one is from Bosch's other painting called "Temptaion of Saint Anthony". I'm definitely going to build both of this birds and add it to my display case.

There are other great paper models on the site that you can check out but I'll let you do the exploration on your own (for fun). All papercraft models are free to download, so just follow the link below.

Chibi Anime Papercraft - Kirari Siino [Glue2 Chronicle]

Chibi Anime Papercraft - Sarina Kashiwara [Related Post]


  1. she is extremely cutie pie ^_^

  2. I know that site, downloaded the skull and cryptex. I've made just the skulls, the cryptex seems to time consuming.

  3. There's also another Davinci Code paper cryptex posted a while back, if you want to take a look at it - it's here


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