07 January 2008

"Papercraft" - Sasatoku Printing Co.

There have been a lot of requests from people who are just starting out with papercrafts for easy or beginners models, most of the the time I'll post links to simple cube-style paper models but it seems that they don't really find it challenging enough and that one of their biggest complaints on it is that it doesn't quite resemble what the description says. Today we have a huge number of papercrafts and an even larger amount of papercraft related items that are easy enough for beginners and "quite satisfying" to look at when you finish it.

Sasatoku Printing Co. is a Japan based company that specializes in technical information support, they help their customers/clients in achieving their business goals by utilizing various computer technologies. There's a section on their web site called "Present" which houses their in-house designed papercrafts. Educators, teachers, parents should take note of this site because this could be an invaluable tool for easily getting their younger students or kids into an educational activity and having fun while doing it.

The Sasatoku papercraft section is divided into 7 parts:

1. Papercraft Alphabet - It has paper models whose name (first letter) symbolizes each of the letters on the English alphabet. A for apple, B for Bus, C for Coffee, etc. - you get the flow. Currently, only A to N is available.

2. Fairy Tale papercraft - Sets of papercafts from famous childhood fables, folk tales, and fairy tales popularized by the Brothers Grimm.

"Three Little Pig papercraft" (wolf included of course),

"Bremen Town Musicians papercraft" - German tale in which an old donkey, dog, cat, and rooster, no longer wanted by their masters, set out for Bremen to become musicians.

"Hansel and Gretel papercraft" - Includes Hansel, Gretel, Witch, and Gingerbread house paper models

"The Three Bears papercraft aka Goldilocks and the Three Bears papercraft" - Includes papa bear, mama bear, little bear, Goldilocks, and furniture paper models.

3. Pop-up greeting cards - Has summer and winter themes.

4. Paper Automata - My favorite section of the site.

5. Miscellaneous Paper crafts

6. Dioramas - Depictions of various seasons and holidays.

7. Paper Flowers

Papercrafts - [Download Page] [English Page] translation via Google Translate


  1. I've got one here.
    origami mouse
    An origami mouse or rat with step by step explanations and an easy to follow diagram.
    Since I designed it my 9 years old boy keeps producing mouses.

  2. Sorry, I commented the wrong post.

  3. Thanks for the heads up, that is a neat looking mouse.


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