09 January 2008

Pokemon Dialga Papercraft

"Gotta catch them all" they say, the famous tag line for the Pokemon series. Today we caught a new one, this is the Pokemon Dialga papercraft and it was sent in through email just a few minutes ago. I'm not sure who made it, there's no mark or note on the pattern about the designer except for a date on the photo that came with it - it was dated more than a year ago. If you know the designer or if the designer is reading this, send me your information so I could properly credit you. Brief note about Dialga, it's a dragon/steel type Pokemon, resembles a long-neck dinosaur with metal plating (armor), was featured as the boxart cover for the Nintendo DS game Pokemon Diamond.

Update: we've just now found out the source of this papercraft, I'm not well versed in Japanese so we'll just call the designer Eggman. I've updated the link as well to point to his blog - Egg Feeling? - there's also a Pepakura file (.pdo) that you can download.

Dialga - [Download Page]


  1. Uoohh! It's cool! I am charmed with it

    Bye, Zard

  2. that pic looks very familiar to me, its like ive seen it before but i cant put my finger on it - probably on that japanese site that has many other pokemons (not chokipeta) - it's got a bunch of them but not really that good models. ill try to see if i can find the url

  3. Was dug up by someone on /po/
    Actual model's home is:

  4. @tsonts

    thank you for the info., i'll be updating this post in a few.

  5. someone on /po/ also dug up the chansey, clefairy and eevee

  6. thanks joe, just received it on email

  7. The eyes look weird.....:-)


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